Vanpool To The Rescue

On May 10th we received an email from vanpool 372 it reads “[as we were heading] to Coalinga State Hospital and at or about 7:30 this morning, just as we passed Stratford and turned left onto the CA-41 the van driver noticed a car accident on her side window

Ridesharing Vanpooling

Reality Check

Imagine going into work thinking you’ll be working the usual eight hours, only to learn unexpectedly you’ll be pulling a double shift. Those eight hours soon turn into sixteen long hours and that still doesn’t include the hour commute home. One hour might not seem like a lot, but if you’re tired, sleepy and hungry the last thing you want to do is drive.

Farmlabor Transportation

Year-Round Work

At the beginning of his career, Fabian Cruz’s main focus has been the strawberry harvest. It’s been a part of his life. For 30 years Fabian Cruz has been working in agriculture. Recently, he and the company he works for have switched focus to blackberries.

Farmlabor Transportation

Vacation Destination

Many people envision visiting Southern California as part of their vacation destination. The beaches, the food, the museums and the malls make it a great place to visit. However, for those like Ruben Salazar, who find themselves exhausted after spending all day working in the sun, it’s difficult for them to enjoy the attractions that Southern California has to offer.